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Barack Obama, 1980. Pho­tos by Lisa Jack /​ M+B Gallery.


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This is the digital artwork of Brazilian artist Pedro Henrique Ferreira aka Lambuja.

His Flickr…

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Ira Chernova

Ira’s interview has been moved to our new site here…

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Alex Pardee drew up this tiger blooded warlock.
And Ray Petty tattooed it on one of his friends.  That right there is dedication to the Charlie Sheen movement.

It’s crazy how a once coked out, Hollywood acting, prostitute indulger has given America such positive attitude towards life.  His quotes are ALL OVER the internets.  You dont have to watch tv to have caught wind of the madness, I dont. He claims to be sober now but says some out of this world shit.  Probably because he’s a fuckin rock star from mars who has a bitchin life.

This yet another case of a Hollywood celebrity coke head getting into legal trouble,  and having the entire country become obsessed with them.  Coke is the way to go I guess.  Being a pothead isnt going to skyrocket you into stardom.  But if you have a bag of white and fuck up,  youre good.  Being a drunk is ok, but you have to be pirate drunk and do some stupid shit while someone is capturing footage.

aaaand I KNOW that youre thinking, this is sooooo last week, well it is.  But remember that Antoine Dodson really fucking milked that news clip for a while.  Someone getting a tattoo of in honor of an internet situation gone viral is just a notch in the time line of a memes lifespan.

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He’s been putting in some work out here on the west coast.

flicks are from his website, click here…

Charly Burn

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Aled Lewis takes some classic video game characters and incorporates them in to live settings.


Donkey Kong.
Classic, duh.
Honorable mention to Donkey Kong Country, one of my all time favorite games.  The cartoon show was really dope too.

Double Dragon.
Gangster shit.  In the “1 vs 1 mode “where you could fight each other, my brother figured out how to run and he wouldnt tell me.  So he just ran across the fuckin screen so I couldnt fight him, what a dick.

Mario Kart 64.
Family fun for everyone.  Played this like crazy w/my little cousins.  Simple and addictive.

Street Fighter 2.
Me and my brother first played Street Fighter in California at the arcade when all you had to use were 2 giant buttons and a joystick.   Later on we would play at Flippers arcade in Town and Country mall here in Miami.  We were about 10-12 yrs old and straight face fucking older folks that tried to come test the realness.  They didnt really like that they were getting smoked by little kids.

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