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this kid is kind of a fukkin animal.

rok on, little dude.


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I thought I posted these somewhere else.  What actually happened is I probably forgot about them as soon as I watermarked them. Im sorry sketchy’s, I still got love for y’alls.

“normal” people dont make history – Flipz5

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Alexa Meade is a 23-year-old artist that works out of Washington, DC.

and her artwork is abso-fuckin-lutely re-funkin-diculous!!!!!

at first i thought, “pretty cool,nothing fancy”.

but those are not paintings. theyre actual peoples, people!

Alexa Meade’s website


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Pon De Floor has had quite a run. I first heard it at a warehouse party last year (WMC 09 )
and people are still jamming to it just as hard.
It went from plain ol’ daggering to Pan-daggering to taking the world by storm.
a dangerous hardcore sex w/clothes on style dance kind of storm.

and now, Ludachrist puts their divine spin on it.
Pon De Floor w/ a dash of Axel Foley
i almost feel like the wheel has been re-invented.
im truly fuckin amazed. thank you church of ludachrist.

all hail LUDACHRIST!

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i’d like to see the storyboards for this one. while the storyline is impressive, the dance moves are revolutionizing the art of dance as we know it. prepare to be blown to smithereens.

duhhhh, of course we’ve got more from him.

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THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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