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another great animated, short film for LEGO.


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Iraninan Skank Off

this is easily one of the best youtubes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  and the editing is top notch.

definitely a battle of epic proportions, wish I could’ve been there. I salute all the combatants, you are all winners.

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I think its time for him to start wearing cargo pampers and a black tshirt.  Bassface is unmatched.  Let em know, Fred!


Tiger’s outta the cage maaaaaaan!

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this is cool. 2 plasma displays that display different cityscapes to help you forget that where you live sucks.
dont jump out of the window, because its not really a window!
but you can still practice being an exhibitionist w/out the repurcussions.

more info here

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THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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