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theyre not actually from miami. theyre from texas and just came out here to ho it up.

these fine ladies out of Miami are slanging dat work and have Redman material written all over em. do your thang girls, cuz I know you will.
if you’ve never been to Miami Beach, the answer is yes, everything really is that sparkly.
I want to congratulate and shake that guys hand, the little dude in the green tank top. No, actually i dont. Maybe you want to smell his fingers?

“heavy-hitter like i got a fetish for fat bitches” – Copywrite

*thanks to my homie from the wolfpack for putting me on to this.


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Around here we like to do things the ROK THE SPOT -WAY….

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One of my pictures from Miami Beach got picked to be in an online travel guide! Thats pretty fawking cool i think. baby steps right? fukkit, godzilla steps from here on ya dig?!

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