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There still is hope for those of you who didnt get to purchase your De la Soul x Kid Robot toy collabo .As we all know this is a very limited collabo immortalizing one of hip hop’s most honorary trio.There was only a 1000 made. So limited that they were not even available in UK or Japan which happens to be known for its fascination for these vinyl figures…luckily one of our inside sources gave us the heads up on where you can get yours .click here


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Pon De Floor has had quite a run. I first heard it at a warehouse party last year (WMC 09 )
and people are still jamming to it just as hard.
It went from plain ol’ daggering to Pan-daggering to taking the world by storm.
a dangerous hardcore sex w/clothes on style dance kind of storm.

and now, Ludachrist puts their divine spin on it.
Pon De Floor w/ a dash of Axel Foley
i almost feel like the wheel has been re-invented.
im truly fuckin amazed. thank you church of ludachrist.

all hail LUDACHRIST!

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The line-up for 2010 Coachella. Now that you got the scoop “Get Your Tickets!!!”

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