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James Yancey/JayDee was an incredible musician/artist/genius.  I feel like I took his music for granted,  I always knew he was great but it felt like maybe it never sunk in.  I do remember knowing that I could listen to his tracks on loop forever and not get tired of it.  Take a look at his catalog and I guarantee you’ll find a bunch of songs that you didnt know he produced, and are your favorite.
This documentary is really moving, it definitely gets a bit emotional.  Im infinitely grateful for being a part of this culture.  Many important people have literally given their lives to hip hop and their efforts need to be respected.  Its wack that so many people like Dilla because its “cool”.
Respect the culture. Real recognize real.


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i dont know how to feel about this.

this is kind of the rundown:

watch till the end.

last year was easily the best year for pointless beefs hiphop “beefs”. thats a coming post btw, for those who missed out.
so hiphop is starting the year right where it left off.
wah wah waaaaah.

there are probably about 5 people who know who benzino is, so responding to that cat seems kind of pointless. the reply is funny, im not gonna lie. seems kinda heated though to show off army style artillery on the youtubes. Royce replied via twitter that he basically doesnt give a fuck.

@RoyceDaFive9:For those that doubt, it’s a M72 Law that shoots 66mm Rockets The other one is a AR15 with a 100 round Beta Drum don’t ever think shit fake

@RoyceDaFive9: Oh by the way “LAW” stands for “Light Anti-Tank Weapon” lol alright Im done tuff talking lol

“no fly zone”.

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