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uh, what?

the “Justin Mathers” LP coming this fall…



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Eminems verse:

“There they go, packin’ stadiums as Shady spits his flow/Nuts they go, macademia, and they go so ballistic, whoa/He can make them look like bozos, he’s wonderin’ if he should spit this slow/F*ck no, don’t provoke, his cup just runneth over, oh, no/He ain’t had it with bars like this since the last time that he overdosed/They been waitin’ patiently for Pinocchio to poke his nose/Back into the game and they know rap’ll never be the same as before/Bashin’ in the brains of these hos, and establishin’ a name as he goes/The passion and the flame is ignited, you can’t put it out once we light it/This sh*t is exactly what the f*ck that I’m talkin’ about when we riot/You dealin’ with a few true villains who stand inside of the booth true spillin’ And spit true feelings until them two feelings come flyin’ up out of our months, then rewind it/Payback, motherf*cker, for the way you got at me, how’s it taste?/I’ma slap the taste out of your mouths with the bass so loud that it shakes the place/I’m Hannibal Lecter, soldiers, in case you’re thinkin’ of saving face/You ain’t gonna have no face to save by the time I’m through with this, play some Drake.”

Em’s flow ran circles around everybody. i still dont they think they know what happened.

Lil Wayne had alluded to Eminem being afraid to work with him a long time ago.  really? afreaid of what?  well, ask and you shall receive. be sure you think things through before you start talking reckless.  funny thing is, one could argue that Em took shots at him on this verse.  i wouldnt put it past Eminem to do someone dirty like that, because he can.  and ricky ross…man oh man.

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oh boy.
this shit is hilarious.
aaaaaand he used audio clips of Mimi?
the best thing for them to do is just pretend they never heard this.
deny it till then end!

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i’ll make it snappy. eminem said a few lines on “bagpipes from baghdad” about mariah carey and how he should get back with him.nick cannon took it personally and has basically sworn on his life hes gonna destroy em’s career.
sure thing nick, and best of luck with that.

*Edit*May 21, Eminem says he didnt think Nick Cannon would take it so seriously, and hopes the best for him and Mariah Carey.

Eminem “bully”

Nick Cannon ; i dont think he’s a battle rapper

no, i didnt watch this video.

what else, Alfamega from Grand Hustle got kicked out by T.I. The “Smoking Gun” reports showed he (Cedric “Alfamega” Zellars) snitched in 1995. DEA Informant steeez.of all people Alfamega. whats even funnier is that T.I,Alfamega and Ricky Ross have a track together. Ricky the boss shouts Alfamega saying how “real recognize real”.Im sure ya’lls have been formally acquainted prior to this video.


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