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I had to give this dude a listen after i heard Sean Price gave him the co-sign.Personally “I fux wit” all types of music.Sometimes i might even listen to Country music if i think it sounds dope.When it comes to Rap im no different and i dont “Di$sCkRomiN@TE” on that “I9N@NT $H*t”.Not sure how to label this so I’ll call some ol fashioned Good Vibe Griminess (i just came up with that term.So go fuck yourself if you try to take credit for it and punch yourself in the throat)..Enjoy!!!


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or cut some lumber?

These are by Peter Grunquist and were  in L.A at Gallery 1988 a  few years back.  They were part of a show called, “The revolution will be fabulous.”  That name isnt really gay at all, but its funny.

coming soon, Rok The Spot Gold Plated Anti-Aircraft Rocket Launcher. or a Grenade? portable, functional and  fuckyourshitup-able!

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