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Pill was one of the first, to throw the term “goin ham” into the mainstream, NOT Kanye West or Jay Z. Gucci Mane and Big Kuntry have similar titled songs buuuut, Pills is doper.  This video alone is about a year 1/2 old.  Just like people thought Kanye was so innovative for dropping a new song every week (Crooked I did it first, 3 yrs ago for 50+weeks), they think theyre bringing in new slang. the south’s done been talking like that. Im  a yeezy fan but people need to get off the dick and stop acting like everything he does is brand new. dummies need to do their research. OR, just keep up with us and we’ll keep you in the know.


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So, Saturday afternoon senor Diddy made it clear he was upset and felt betrayed.  This was after it was announced that Jay Electronica had officially signed to Roc Nation. Obviously people thought the person who “betrayed” Puffy was Jay Elec. Honestly, I couldnt care less about him being all hurt. Im glad Jay Electronica went with JayZ.  If theres a major label for him to sign with, that would be it. He’s now label mates with J.Cole, so fucking dope.

And now,just a few hours ago…

*  A few weeks ago on an episode of “The Hypemen” w/ Just Blaze, he mentioned Jay Electronica and Jay-Z were working on something that would drive the internet loco. to listen to the interview click here…

* “Shiny Suit Syndrome” by Jay Electronica ft Jay-Z and The Dream. click here…

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Church of Jay-Z

Hova! Hova! Hova!

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im definitely feeling the beat.  its getting on my nerves that alot of people aren’t acknowledging  No I.D on the track production.  No I.D is the muh’fuggin man and a mentor to Kanyeezee.  waaay under-rated so show respect where its due.

but honestly, for what it is, the lyrics are mad whatever.  it sounds like Jay-Z held back on letting the suckers have it, like he might hurt some feelings.  maybe cuz kanye helped produce the track? fuck that! all perpetrators deserve to be called out.  auto-tune is for corn balls. everybody clowned t-pain for using it but he can actually sing without it. kind of.  seriously t-pain is a talented cat and the t-pain dance is the best.

im permitting a pass for some, but if you used autotune anytime in 2009 for the first time you deserve to be punched in the face multiple times. including an auto-punch, which means you should punch yourself in the face for making a terrible music decision and betraying your fans in such a vile manner. if you used it in more than one song you should just kill yourself.

part of me died when Royce the 5’9″ used it waaaaay too much on a track. theres absolutely no excuse for that and i do my best to block that memory out. and redman used it for a second on city lights ( which is a dope track ). so i’ll let reggie off with a stern wagging of the finger if he promises to NEVER do that shit again.

its only a matter of time before the d’riders jump on it to do a remix.

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