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There still is hope for those of you who didnt get to purchase your De la Soul x Kid Robot toy collabo .As we all know this is a very limited collabo immortalizing one of hip hop’s most honorary trio.There was only a 1000 made. So limited that they were not even available in UK or Japan which happens to be known for its fascination for these vinyl figures…luckily one of our inside sources gave us the heads up on where you can get yours .click here


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Art Bastard by Rok The Spot

Rok The Spot and its partners in crime will be going around numerous events handing these shirts out fo’ free. if you want one, just ask! =]

I read an interview/conversation with Doze Green and David Ellis around the time of their collaborative show “Rubicon Son”. In it Doze makes the point that galleries are nothing without the artists. We dont need them, THEY NEED US! and therefore we shouldnt be concerned with what they dictate are standards for art. To me it was a kind of a slap to wake the fuck up and stop stressing trying to “make it”.

The name Art Bastard was a combination of wordplay and the ideal of not compromising our artwork for the sake of marketing to galleries.
It embraces all the dope, original, struggling local artists far and wide who dont make it to the fancy shmancy shows and galleries.
Art Bastard is a middle finger to those who bite styles and kiss ass to make their way to the top.
Create for YOURSELF and nobody else.
Its a stance.
A call to arms for everyone to find themselves and let that be the representation of their work.
Use YOUR flaws,smiles,insecurities,pain,passion,love,hate,customized distortions as tools to create.
There should be no mistake that it was YOU who created the work.
Too many times I’ve seen a piece and thought, “oh dope, its blahblahblahs work”. only to find it was somebody from the other side of the planet with no relation to the artist. thats for suckers.
If youre not going to be yourself then get outta the way.
Imitation is not the highest form of flattery,its the quickest way to socked in the mouth.

Rok The Spot

and now a word from Doze Green:

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