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Just as I expected, this party was fucking rediculous.   I got there fashionably late as fuck. 1:30 A.M’ ish ( not amish) to be precise. I planned to get there much earlier but there were a few wrenches in my game plan.   I had to wait a bit for the confirmation on the green light to attack this party.   Also, I didnt know there was a festival ending in downtown that would make me take about 30 minutes on a 5 minute drive. Luckily I found parking on the first try and walked to the door, after a 211.

You know those herbs that think they own the club, because they’re the ones who decide who gets in at the front door? Well there was one here w/ a G.W smirk and 1/2 of each eyebrow.weird. The fuck with him, I got in and had many funs.

It was just like when I  saw them at Bar during WMC.  Really fuckin hot and sweaty and good nasty and rowdy as fuck.  It couldnt get more tribal unless someone got sacrified with a dagger (more on daggers in a sec.)  Ruh-diculous bass! The sound was so on point, clear as listening through fancy shmancy headphones.

Heres the epitome of the madness:

You havent daggered until you’ve done it hanging off the stage lights 20ft in the air.
Aint nobody seeing Diplo and Skerrit Bwoy (one rowdy muh’fukka).

If your daughter left home a virgin,  she probably didnt come back as one.

big up Mad Decent.


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Pon De Floor has had quite a run. I first heard it at a warehouse party last year (WMC 09 )
and people are still jamming to it just as hard.
It went from plain ol’ daggering to Pan-daggering to taking the world by storm.
a dangerous hardcore sex w/clothes on style dance kind of storm.

and now, Ludachrist puts their divine spin on it.
Pon De Floor w/ a dash of Axel Foley
i almost feel like the wheel has been re-invented.
im truly fuckin amazed. thank you church of ludachrist.

all hail LUDACHRIST!

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i put together this cover for a contest on Mad Decent (Diplo’s label) and i NEED for you to vote for me so i can win.  pleeease repost this everywhere you can because im dope and it would be great to get Rok The Spot ‘s name out there.
for serious, a reblog or post to the link on your facebook, myspace or twitter would be super duper.

i dont think you have to actually create an account to vote either.

by: Flipz5 of Rok The Spot


if you dont know who Major Lazer is, well, I’d keep that to myself. Thats one bad dude.

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