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This is a canvas i did for a 2007 Art Basel show.I had started and finished 3 other pieces,worked full time and attended the Basel festivities that week.I rushed this piece and honestly i think it came out horrible…The Goal: Turn this piece of shit into gold..Carlos


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Aled Lewis takes some classic video game characters and incorporates them in to live settings.


Donkey Kong.
Classic, duh.
Honorable mention to Donkey Kong Country, one of my all time favorite games.  The cartoon show was really dope too.

Double Dragon.
Gangster shit.  In the “1 vs 1 mode “where you could fight each other, my brother figured out how to run and he wouldnt tell me.  So he just ran across the fuckin screen so I couldnt fight him, what a dick.

Mario Kart 64.
Family fun for everyone.  Played this like crazy w/my little cousins.  Simple and addictive.

Street Fighter 2.
Me and my brother first played Street Fighter in California at the arcade when all you had to use were 2 giant buttons and a joystick.   Later on we would play at Flippers arcade in Town and Country mall here in Miami.  We were about 10-12 yrs old and straight face fucking older folks that tried to come test the realness.  They didnt really like that they were getting smoked by little kids.

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Dj Craze came through one mo’gain to Vagabond for Shake in Miami.  Slow Roast parties are always a must, plus I have to show the home team support.  Ash Rock opened up for Craze, whose set was a more aggressive and even more bass heavy than usual.  That just goes to show Dj Craze’s infinite crowd controlling diversity.  He also didnt wear a hat, I wonder if that was the reason? Hmmm.

My home town Dj > your home town Dj

* Even though I said this over a year ago, look out for my homie Louie Arson.  He’s Slow Roast fam and can rock a party like no other.

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Virus Syndicate ( MRK 1, JSD and Nika ) came through for Get Low and handled business.  It might sound like 2 mc’s over dubstep/dnb is overkill but yo, it was dope.  JSD and Nika did it. MRK 1’s tracks are already on point and they definitely got the crowd live.  Plus I got a DnB fix so Im good.

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By far one of the rowdiest nights I’ve seen at Get Low. Zeds Dead came through and really just fucked shit up. A proper way to see off the last Get Low of the 2010.  Everybody lost their car keys and ironically I felt like I got hit by a Canadian Bass truck the next morning. Soooo worth it.

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Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary celebration came through for Art Basel. When I first heard about this event I thought, “cool, heres something Im going nowhere near.” But I checked the flyer afterwards and saw a lineup of some dope artists including Pose. He happens to be a fukkin monster with them can skills, so do your research.  Then I found out my homies from 2 Girls and a Cupcake were going to make cupcakes for the event. WIN!

It was supposedly an RSVP event, but my name didn’t end up on the cool people list, so someone let me in through the side door. wow. I literally just realized I snuck into a Hello Kitty party. Your thuggin aint got shit on my thuggin, so don’t even front.  I was there from the beginning and I was supposed to leave to check out Flosstradamus at Grand Central but I kinda said fuckit.  Slowly but surely, more people I knew kept coming through.  Martha Cooper came by and a bunch of graff writers also.  Cope, Pose and others whos combined criminal records had served 23902934 years. I stayed till the end, you know, getting Hello Kitty wasted off free wine and beers.
In summary: pretty girls, stripper pole, free dranks, tattoos and graffiti. nuff said.
Once I heard “Original Gangster” by Ice-T playing, I knew that I didn’t really need to be anywhere else.

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