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Pon De Floor has had quite a run. I first heard it at a warehouse party last year (WMC 09 )
and people are still jamming to it just as hard.
It went from plain ol’ daggering to Pan-daggering to taking the world by storm.
a dangerous hardcore sex w/clothes on style dance kind of storm.

and now, Ludachrist puts their divine spin on it.
Pon De Floor w/ a dash of Axel Foley
i almost feel like the wheel has been re-invented.
im truly fuckin amazed. thank you church of ludachrist.

all hail LUDACHRIST!

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from what I’ve heard. so far so good.

Click Here for Download

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i put together this cover for a contest on Mad Decent (Diplo’s label) and i NEED for you to vote for me so i can win.  pleeease repost this everywhere you can because im dope and it would be great to get Rok The Spot ‘s name out there.
for serious, a reblog or post to the link on your facebook, myspace or twitter would be super duper.

i dont think you have to actually create an account to vote either.

by: Flipz5 of Rok The Spot


if you dont know who Major Lazer is, well, I’d keep that to myself. Thats one bad dude.

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