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Rick Rawse, Puffy and Pharrel supposedly spent an est. $1million at the strip club for officer Rickys bday a few days ago.
HOLY FUCK thats a lot of clear heels, spandex and body splash they just paid for !!!!!!!

Youre bitching because people in their neighborhoods live in poverty and theyre throwing $ away. Meanwhile, $BILLIONS x $BILLIONS have been spent for years murdering men, women and children over seas in the name of “democracy”.

both are terribly irresponsible. but, its the American way at its finest.

*dropping $100’s, let alone $100’s of thousands at a strip club is for fuckin squares. especially if you brag about how many bitches and hoes you pull in your raps.

Its their money, they can do whatever the fuck they want. oh well.


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wishing you the best this holiday season from some of YOUR favorite rappers.

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