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Odd Future was on Jimmy Fallon last week. Ill performance. Im sure somebody shit themselves in the studio while watching them.

These kids (all under 21) are bringing a much needed violent energy to a younger hiphop audience.  Murdery, rapey, dark and angry.  Its nothing that hasnt been done before, but theyre doing it their way.  No pansy, soft core shit here. To me, Odd Future is what Nirvana was to hair metal.  All of this spandex jeans and spaceboots pussy shit has got to fucking stop.  You look like you got jizzed on in a skittle orgy.  Youre as tough as spaghetti.
Wolf Gang is here.

Whats crazy is that theyre doing it 1000% on their own.  Independent as fuuuuuuuuck!
Crazy that after that performance and sold out shows,  theyre still trekking on a bus.
How did Tyler feel about the bus bullshit?
“…I’d rather do a fuckin song with Drake” – Tyler


Combat Jack from The Source has been supporting them heavily for months.
*I first heard about them on his radio show*
I asked him why he supported them so much and here’s what he had to say…

Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers”

over 1 MILLION VIEWS in less than 2 weeks!?!?!!!
thats fucking unheard of!


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So, Saturday afternoon senor Diddy made it clear he was upset and felt betrayed.  This was after it was announced that Jay Electronica had officially signed to Roc Nation. Obviously people thought the person who “betrayed” Puffy was Jay Elec. Honestly, I couldnt care less about him being all hurt. Im glad Jay Electronica went with JayZ.  If theres a major label for him to sign with, that would be it. He’s now label mates with J.Cole, so fucking dope.

And now,just a few hours ago…

*  A few weeks ago on an episode of “The Hypemen” w/ Just Blaze, he mentioned Jay Electronica and Jay-Z were working on something that would drive the internet loco. to listen to the interview click here…

* “Shiny Suit Syndrome” by Jay Electronica ft Jay-Z and The Dream. click here…

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It was announced yesterday by a radio station in, somewhere, that Lil Kim had a twitter account. Confirmed and errrthang.

A few days ago Kim called out Lil Nicki for jockin her steez and not paying homage. Then Drake defended the 1st lady of YoungMoolah ( or is Kat $tacks first?) at a concert. Fast forward to last night where there was short lived drama and “Lil Kim” was talking mad reckless, extra reckless. Calling people the furk out, these included Nikki Minaj, drizzy Drake and P.Diddy himself. It didnt last more than an hour and the account was later deleted and said to be a fake. One moment there were 10’s of thousands of followers, next only a few thousand and different background. Then it went to some weird shit w/someone talking about the lakers game, waka flocka, gucci mane and other nonsense. Since then it was deleted, re-activated, deleted again and went thru who knows how many backgrounds.

Lucky for you im really fuckin good at the internet and got some screenshots of aforementioned shit talking from 6/8/2010.

*as I’m writing this @TheRealLilKim hasnt been verified, but is currently active and still talking that shit. I think its great entertainment, gracias twitter!!!

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Kanye West NOT dead

it was just a hoax created by 4chan,  successfully done i think.   it was just a matter of minutes after i saw a first post on twitter until it made a trending topic.  thats when things get a little out of hand, people are quick to believe anything without questioning it.  looks like Fox News even had a headline about it. your bad.

im pretty sure Kanye doesnt even know he’s died yet.

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