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the official plan was white room and the ohwow gallery.

i was gonna do my best to not drink,…yeah right. its fukkin saturday!

i skipped out the stones throw party because i had to work.normally that wouldnt have stopped me but last second i said fuggit.i heard last years kinda sucked, the one before was less than impressive for me. so make some extra $ n go to work. save up some energy for the night ya dig? i got to downtown on the metrorail cuz looking for parking while the crowd from ultra is, just plain dumb.
pitstop at white room and off to ohwow.


funny i was thinking i should stop by and cap a quart cuz i NEEDED beer.i figured the “free” drinks advertised were long gone. wrong. there were people still waiting in line for beer till at least 3:30am. which was awesome. free redstripes n rum+coke?uhh, fuk yeah!
we did go back to whiteroom to see how it was but __said it best.
“i noticed something.the girls here look mad sober. Over there they’re drunk n mad sweaty n nasty” He was right, we HAD to go back to OHWOW.

more beer more liquor.
waiting in line for beer is nothing we’re familiar with.
i met a few people, some i’ll probly never see again.
i ran into kelly which could’nt have been more random. i was hoping i’d see her but didnt expect her to be out here. she’s pretty awesome =)
also met a cute colombian (bogota) girl but her friends came n stole her away.ghey.met some cool chi-town peoples. apparently there ARENT gangs everywhere in chicago, so im not as afraid to vist anymore.

The party was fukkin dope!
The overall vibe, the hot-ass warehouse, fog, lights (i felt like i was in J-Lo’s video) and the bass was bummmmpin. AND free drinks were still a’flowin.
Rusko was throwin down DnB when we got back but it stopped right when we got back.fuck. Im not 100% sure who was mc’ing for him but that cat RIPPED IT !!! he’s got party rockin down with no problem.

Diplo. he knows how to make it do what it do. The crowd was lovin it.
Lil Jon came from out the cut to amp up the crowd. man, what a hype ass party.
more free beer!!!

Personally, this jam was beyond a success. We opted out on heading to the beach to see the Roots cuz i’d dealt with enough beach douchebaggery for one week. Plus, why the fuck were we gonna leave, this was the pajama jammy jam.

Toy Selectah came on after Diplo and it looks like he was gonna finish demolishing the place to be.but the muh’fukkin police shut down the party like 3 minutes into his set.
but the damage had been done. what a fukkin dope party.

Mad Decent rolls through your town, get with the program.


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So for my first event of wmc 09, I checked out “Party worth blogging about” during the day ( Wed. 25th) arrived around 3pm’ish.


I never really got into the vibe, maybe its i got there late,cool setup tho. but i luckily i ran into a few of my peoplez or i woulda left. so i kicked it with bboy Xclu from Ground Zeroh Crew, Dj Louie Arson (from Keep It Gully) and Q. it wasnt bad its just that i expected a rowdier party vibe. errrbody was just kind mingling and walking around. I think it def. had to potential to turn into a no pants party. it was also breezy as fuck, it got miami cold but some peoples were still doin their thing in swimsuits. oh and right before we were about to depart i ran into Evan, she gave me a drank, called “poison”. very suitable name, its basically str8 vodka with red dye. I didn’t see Kill the Noize and my homeboys were upset cuz they didnt get to see Tittsworth. oh well.

I heard it cost hundreds of $ just to get a spot next to the pool, and about $1k to get a cabana?!?!?!
that there info reassured me that this was indeed a Bad Boys II scenario and that somewhere on that rooftop a massive coke deal was underway.

up next…


night time and a few dranks later.

“Bang Bang” @ white room was dope. I realized when Shy fx was on that i hadnt had my dnb fix in too long and that i needs it more often. I have an issue with crowded dance floors. If theres no room to move around during a jungle set, i dont see the point of being there at all. so we made room. i had fun tho, Benga, Plastician ripped it with dubstep. Drop the Lime too,heavy duty stuff. i missed Craze’s set.

I also missed B-Traits and that’s probly the only dj i REALLY wanted to see this year. Last year she caused quite a stir on ze’internets cuz nobody had really heard of her and she spun at ultra. and well,she fukkin ripped it! some dumbfucks thought she only got to where she is cuz shes cute. I dont care how she got to where she is (but she is co-signed by Shy FX ) but let it be known, shes dope as fuk. i saw her spin once more at the contagious show a few days later. shes a super sweet girl and knows what shes doin on the decks.
Soooo when i saw the flyer i thought it’d be a good idea to hook her up with one of my shirts. I also gave one to mc Tali, whom i hadnt seen perform live, ever. shes dope n shes really nice too. she was amped cuz she had just bought some kicks that matched the shirt =) Tali said she’d rock the shirt @ World of DnB. I didnt make it out but i hope she did.

We stopped by the fountainebleu for LMFAO around 3:30am ‘ish but that place was dead, for WMC thats really early. so basically we turned right back around to white room.
Thursday, i felt like hell.

and that was that.

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