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James Yancey/JayDee was an incredible musician/artist/genius.  I feel like I took his music for granted,  I always knew he was great but it felt like maybe it never sunk in.  I do remember knowing that I could listen to his tracks on loop forever and not get tired of it.  Take a look at his catalog and I guarantee you’ll find a bunch of songs that you didnt know he produced, and are your favorite.
This documentary is really moving, it definitely gets a bit emotional.  Im infinitely grateful for being a part of this culture.  Many important people have literally given their lives to hip hop and their efforts need to be respected.  Its wack that so many people like Dilla because its “cool”.
Respect the culture. Real recognize real.


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reckless does not even begin to describe this guys actions.

quick re-cap in the past 4-5 months he’s:
-foolishly decided to battle RhymeFest, at Rhymefests show,even tho RhymeFest was the one that invited him. Hamilton got smoked
-called out for stealing Black Spades beat and claiming it as his own.only to dry snitch on himself while trying to prove he created the beat.
-punched in the face by a girl (a good punch btw)
and now,
-claims J-Dilla produced his album?!

his stupidity knows no boundaries.
a few of the younger people might not understand the severity of what this guy has done,might even think im “hating”. not the case my friends. i was even ok with a few of his tracks.
but there are things in life YOU NEVER DO!!!…EVER!!!

if theres one thing i know about Detroit, tis you just straight up dont fuck with Detroit.
nobody is more willing to handle you for disrespecting their city as much as these cats. for reeeeal. ask Trick Daddy or Yung Berg.

we at ROK THE SPOT respect and love Hip Hop culture.
we dont tolerate blatant stupidity.

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