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Killer smiles are like kryptonite.

Outsidaz- Rah Rah

I cock the glock like Funk Docta Spock and i represent “ROK THE SPOT” daily!!!

I had to give this dude a listen after i heard Sean Price gave him the co-sign.Personally “I fux wit” all types of music.Sometimes i might even listen to Country music if i think it sounds dope.When it comes to Rap im no different and i dont “Di$sCkRomiN@TE” on that “I9N@NT $H*t”.Not sure how to label this so I’ll call some ol fashioned Good Vibe Griminess (i just came up with that term.So go fuck yourself if you try to take credit for it and punch yourself in the throat)..Enjoy!!!


This is some of the dopest shit ive heard in a while!!!Ive aready played the track five times in a row tonight.The beat,tight.The lyrics,tight.The video,”Say Worddd”.Need i say more? I think not.Sit back enjoy the track and the visuals provided by director Walu.Peace!!!

Mr Ghetto- Walmart

It gives me with great pleasure to bring you the new possible ringtone phenomena/new Walmart anthem…We goin to Wally,Wally,Wally,Wally World!!!!

Barack Obama, 1980. Pho­tos by Lisa Jack /​ M+B Gallery.