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someone said that it looks like a dildo, it does. whut the fuck, T-Pain?
expensive failure.


Kanye West (official pics )

who spends 300 on vulgarly large jewelry?


the Horus is the size of his fuckin head!
he could probably wear it as a helmet.
no wonder he stayed up there the whole time.
he was probably held by a harness so he wouldnt roll off that shit into the crowd.
No one man should have this much power…or jewelry.  but that piece is mad ballin though.

Kanye’s ring by Ambush:

and the chain:

saw this on Rap Radar


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heres a little trip into Kanye’s mind. i actually have a lot of respect for him. he’s one of the very few people that doesnt give a fuck about being himself, all the time. arguing about him being whiny or him throwing his bitch fits is not even an issue, thats an old topic. love him or, probably hate him, he hasnt comprimised being true to himself at any point. gotta respect that.

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this was a short that apparently started out as the video for  “see you in my nightmares”.
its a little weird and you might not get it at first,but  i guess its very open to interpretation.   the creativity is obvious and there was some kind of point behind it.   from what i’ve read this was actually completed in january and just released a day or two ago. and for whatever reason Kanye took it down from his blog but its still circulating.


in case the link is broken click here

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Kanye West NOT dead

it was just a hoax created by 4chan,  successfully done i think.   it was just a matter of minutes after i saw a first post on twitter until it made a trending topic.  thats when things get a little out of hand, people are quick to believe anything without questioning it.  looks like Fox News even had a headline about it. your bad.

im pretty sure Kanye doesnt even know he’s died yet.

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errrr,thats not really news.

first, Kanye West has been acting like a bitch  for years now and he’s pretty consistent.

by the looks of some post Kanye went on one of his bitch made rants just now? (i dont watch tv)


i just saw the Kanye clip.
that was fuckin hilarious!!! what a douche.
thats her bad tho, she should’ve snuffed him on the spot. or a heel right to the marbles. who would complain about that? dont worry, i’ll wait. he’s begging for it.
for real tho,if i didnt win an award and my boys interrupted the winner saying my shit was better…thats fuckin loyalty. im talking you out to sizzler, we doin it real big.
btw im still laughing at the clip.

Beyonce is very classy btw and let Taylor Swift have her well deserved moment.

his performance was cancelled and he was apparently escorted out of the building with his hot ass alleged girlfriend, the ever so delicious Amber Rose. he issued an official apology afterwards on his blog but face it, the damage is done. he’s gotta learn his lesson somehow, maybe someone will help him straighten him out.  some are saying he was drunk, or is a racist? you’re dumber than he is.

are you really that surprised and appalled he interrupted a speech? thats the fuckin 2nd time he’s done it! he did it to JUSTICE. eeeeasily the best video that year, or ever really. and then he goes out and makes the “good life” video.  its just a rip off of  “D.A.N.C.E” !

so was it o.k back then? whats so different now?

and to the people that are boycotting Kanye West because of what he did, stop being soft.  waaaah waaaaah waaaaah! you’re on the same cry baby boat as he is. boycotting his music cuz he dissed an artist who’s songs you’re probably not even a fan of?  wow, RIGHTEOUS CAUSE!
non country radio stations banning his music, dj’s refusing to play his tracks. if you stop listening to kanye cuz you hate his personality,youre way too sensitive. probably right up there with Yeezy.  now isnt that ironic?

i dont give a fuck what anybody says, hes talented n hes dope. hes never pretended to be who he’s not and i respect him for that. i just judge his music.  NOBODY SAID HE SUCKED UNTIL HE STARTED TALKING AND APPEARING ON TV!
if i judged peoples music by their real personalities, i probably wouldnt listen to anyone.  maybe just Shakira, and John Mayer.  they seem like nice folks.

now here you are being a pussy.  people are acting like he kicked an expecting teen mother, or like he funded nazi germany. way to come together america.  but you still support music/actors who are drug abusers, killed people, piss on underage girls (guess who im talking about?)  convicted drunk drivers etc etc etc.

for real, get the fuck over it.

he has his humble moments tho. or 1-2 documented moments.
Kanye said he didnt deserve to win the BET video award and that OUTKAST should’ve won instead.

celebrities are just famous people.  key word “people”.  they fuck up bad too.  holding celebrities to high standards is what gives them such self entitlement.  im sure people you know have done considerably worse! like some unforgiveable “i dont even know why i still talk to this motherfucker” kinda shit.
there are more noble causes to fight for.

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